Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard certificate

Today’s internet environment are swarming with hackers and infested with cybersecurity crimes. People are becoming prey to internet identity theft and other fraudulent activities. With these threats still widely evident day in and day out, it is imperative that online businesses provide the security their customers need. Companies should make security an integral business protocol, which ensures that the web site environment their customers navigates is secure and safe. Having an SSL Web Server Wildcard certificate protecting the company’s assets can gain customer trust, which translates to substantial revenue yields.

What A Thawte Wildcard Ssl Web Server Certificate Does


Thawte SSL Web Server Certificates provide online businesses and their customers with the security needed to thrive in today’s competitive business terrain. These SSL certificates secure sensitive information exchanged online, which gives customers the peace of mind essential for them to proceed with online shopping on your site. These also confirms the web site’s identities to customers, business partners, strategic alliances and other users. A Thawte Trusted Site Seal guarantees that the domain of an operating online business is legitimate and is lawfully owned by such company.

Upon purchase of a Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate, a company receives:
  • Full organization authentication and identity verification which includes your company details
  • Thawte Trusted Site Seal
  • 14-day Trial Period
  • 8x5 email and phone technical support
  • Direct technical support from Thawte
  • 99%+ Browser ubiquity
  • Security of unlimited subdomains on the same server

Key Features and Benefits

Secure Multiple Subdomains

Companies now have the added convenience of securing multiple subdomains with a single Thawte Web Server Certificate which ultimately helps you reduce management time and operational costs. Through the use of the wildcard notation, Thawte SSL certificates allow you to secure different subdomains under your top-level domain.

Secure, Private Connections

Secure your connections with up to 256-bit SSL encryption, backed by a $250,000 Thawte warranty.

Thawte Trusted Site Seal

Increase customer and investor confidence with a seal that propels your site to greater heights. Available in 18 languages, the Thawte security seal equates to security and successful transactions.

Global Recognition

The Thawte SSL Web Server certificate is a globally-recognized certificate authority bearing root certificates recognized by 99% of browsers.

Easy Purchase, Renewal and Management

We provide our customers with an advanced notice months before their Thawte licenses expire. This is our way to show that with us, their interests are protected and are well watched out for. Once clients decide to continue on with their subscription, we try to facilitate the renewal process for them. This gives them the peace of mind and convenience to carry on with managing their businesses without fear of security threats and complexities associated with IT renewal processes.

Big Savings on Time and Money

By purchasing multi-year licenses, users can save on tremendous costs associated with purchasing individual certificates. Thawte Web Server SSL certificatesallow IT managers to secure unlimited multiple subdomains using a single certificate.

Ease of Management

Management is easy since configurations are done using one single certificate. You can now renew up to 90 days before your SSL certificate expires.

Free unlimited Reissues up to the expiration date

Having the convenience of being able to retrieve and reissue certificates allows you to be back in business with minimal downtime. This is essential especially to high-traffic sites where seconds translate to revenues.

14-Day Trial Period

We offer a 14-day trial period that allows customers to test how Thawte products fare in addressing their companies security needs. Beyond the 14-day trial, they have the option to proceed with the subscription or discontinue and uninstall.

Purchase a Multi-year Deal Now and Get Bigger Discounts!

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    $257,23 per year
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  • 1 year
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