Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard certificate

Positive SSL Wildcard certificates are SSL certificates which are domain-validated and are used to protect low-volume eCommerce sites, server to server communications and extranets. It is a low-cost alternative to other more expensive counterparts, which gives you a run for your money.

Positive Wildcard SSL Certificates

For businesses who want to protect low-volume eCommerce sites

Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL Certificates provide organizations with domain validation service and a free registration IDAuthority that provides critical identity assurance for your web site. IDAuthority was recently developed by Comodo and is characterized as the pioneering and unique real-time identity assurance service that facilitates verification of website identities to against public data and registry. With this feature incorporated in Comodo’s Positive Wildcard SSL, customers increase their trust and confidence in buying through your site.

Security Beyond Expectations

Comodo certificates provide 128-bit, 256-bit level strong encryption and 1024-bit industry standard encryption support capabilities intended to protect your customer’s confidential data and other relevant information such as credit card details, personal identification references etc. during online transactions.

Speed, Unlimited Re-issuance Policy and No Prepayments

We understand that time wasted equates to lost business opportunities and revenues, which is why we provide customers with certificates they can use immediately after proper validation process has been performed. We also give users the flexibility to use the certificate without prepayment by providing a 2-week payment term after the certificate has been issued. Coupled with a life-span unlimited re-issuance policy, Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL Certificates give the assurance you need from a well-trusted brand.

Seal of Trust and Unparalled Support

We provide our customers with a FREE Comodo PositiveSSL Security Site Seal, which signifies an assurance of a high-performance and high-quality security product backed by awesome support, available email, web and phone support.

High Browser Recognition

Browser recognition and compatibility is extremely important in today’s internet-driven business environment. With a 99.3% browser compatibility, the highest trust rating garnered by a security provider, it attests to the high standards we uphold in terms of accessibility and customer trust.

Big Multi-Year Discounts

We offer the lowest price and the biggest discounts for 2 and 3-year purchases which helps rompanies save lots of time and money on individual certificates for all subdomains. With a multi-year license, you won’t have to worry about yearly renewal and risk of near-expiration of certificates. Instead of having multiple individual certificates, you get one single certificate to secure all of your microsites which can be installed individually on unlimited servers.

So if you seek for an Industry-Trusted, High-Grade and Low Cost Digital Certificate designed to secure all your subdomains, we have just what you need!


Purchase a Multi-year Positive Wildcard SSL Certificate from Comodo now!

  • 3 years
    $75,72 per year
    Total price: $227,15
  • 2 years
    $78,51 per year
    Total price: $157,02
  • 1 year
    $87,36 per year
    Total price: $87,36