Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL certificate

Premium Wildcard Certificate covers multiple subdomains and unlimited server licensing features with saving your money.
These Certificates give you protection, authentication and security assurance.

Ssl certificates: why you need it now more than ever


The birth of eCommerce has paved the way for many small businesses to emerge and fluorish amidst their larger rivals. However, what many take for granted is that with the booming internet trends, there comes an equally alarming threat for fraud. Without security applied onto these transactions, many fall prey by phishing and identity theft. It is a must for companies exploring eCommerce to be armed with the right technology and security features whose function is to secure business transactions and protect customer interest. You need SSL.

If you have the need to secure multiple domains with ease, we have the right certificate for you. Comodo’s Premium Wildcard Certificates give you the assurance that all your subdomains are securely protected through one certificate, saving you the rising cost implications, the complexity of management and administration needed associated with managing individual SSL certificates!

We bring your security notches higher


Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL Certificates give you iron security that your business needs whilst giving you bang for your buck! Now, you can secure unlimited subdomains with just one wildcard certificate installed to multiple physical servers. This saves you tremendous time and money spent on acquiring individual certificates, essential in today’s competitive environment. Now, you can focus valuable time and efforts doing the more important things - generating revenues and lesser worrying on security of your client’s transactions.

Take advantage of a premium deal at slashed off prices!


With Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL Certificates, we give you security and more!

Protection, Authentication and Security Assurance

We deliver tough security when and where you need it. Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard certificates protect subdomains associated Web servers and web browsers with a choice of 128-bit or 256-bit SSL encryption keys that transform confidential information into random letters, numbers and symbols which are useless to hackers. In the encryption process, the SSL certificate issues a key whereby only a proper program or server with the proper key can decode, giving you the peace of mind needed in order to pursue your business undertakings without fear of compromise.

Lowest-Priced Certificates, No Pre-Payment Needed

We offer proven and trusted brand delivery and support at the lowest cost! For so low price for a Premium Wildcard Certificate covering multiple subdomains and unlimited server licensing features, we stretch your dollar to the fullest. What’s even better is that we don’t ask for pre-payment. Customers can use the certificate immediately after proper validation has been done and are given a two-week term to pay. Unlike other Certification Authorities, Comodo provides certificate owners with the same robust solution without spiking the price of each of additional license. We also give the lowest discount levels you won’t find anywhere else for 2 to 3-year certificates. With our offering, you get the security you need without breaking the bank!

Browser Ubiquity Increases Customer Trust

Browser recognition is very important in today’s dynamic need for anytime, anywhere business access. It allows companies to do business transactions instantaneously regardless of location, time and method of access. This makes Comodo the Wildcard SSL Certificate of choice since only a few certificate brands are inherently trusted with a 99.3% rating, which is the highest of its level at this day and age. This gives companies that essential assurance of continued security, whatever the interface and browser used, increasing customer confidence and revenues.

Our Seal of Commitment Strengthens Online Credentials

We provide our customers with a FREE Comodo Trustlogo to attest how proud we are of our brand. As such, we attest and maintain a stronghold commitment to protect our client’s transactions no matter what the cost.

User-Friendliness and Ease of Management

Dealing with the complexities of installation, management and administration security certificates is a concern no more! One major advantage of Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL Certificates let you secure as many subdomains as needed through a single SSL certificate. We eliminate the time and money wasted on acquiring individual certificates.

Warranty Guarantee

We are true to our commitment in delivering best-of-breed security solutions to our customers. As proof, we provide an Unlimited Re-issuance Policy and a $250,000 Comodo Warranty to cover the needs of all professional websites.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Comodo’s industry-leading customer care and technical support provides our customers with the peace of mind and confidence needed as they tread today’s competitive business terrain. We provide customers with fast, friendly and expert support assistance, with web, email and phone support variants.

Experience the peace of mind you’ve always wanted, you deserve it.


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  • 3 years
    $121,60 per year
    Total price: $364,81
  • 2 years
    $128,10 per year
    Total price: $256,19
  • 1 year
    $140,49 per year
    Total price: $140,49