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The birth of the eCommerce technology gave rise to limitless business opportunities on the internet. Now, even small businesses can outperform their larger counterparts through intelligent internet sales and marketing strategies. In the past, this seemed to be an impossible and ambitious undertaking.

Today’s Current Business Landscape Calls For Ssl Certificates

The internet serves as a company’s gateway to millions of potential customers and a myriad of possibilities. Having an online presence can ramp up branding and sales revenues, and proves to be a smart way to acquire customers. In today’s fast-paced environment, people simply do not have the time nor the energy to go out and shop. They would rather do online shopping since they can do it at very little time, at the comforts of their homes. Meeting these customer demands not only provides companies with a cost-effective operational strategy but also a means by which they can stand out from the competition. This is because the internet provides a more convenient and faster way for transactions to commence.

Entrust Your Business With The Brand That Delivers Beyond Expectations

When doing business online, you need a strong security partner. Having Symantec (Verisign) SSL Wildcard Certificates enabled on your web site assures customers that sensitive details such as credit card and other personal information are transmitted only to their intended recipient to process orders. These information need to remain confidential to protect the customer’s interest.

Symantec (Verisign) SSL Wildcard Certificates

Symantec (Verisign) SSL Wildcard Certificates are just what a business needs to secure all its first-level subdomains under a single domain. Among the many advantages of securing your online business with Symantec include:

Security of Unlimited Subdomains

If your company has affiliates and owns several subdomains(, or, you may be compelled to purchase an SSL certificate for each one of these individual domains. With a Symantec (Verisign) Wildcard SSL Certificate, you just need to buy one and it already covers all of your subdomains’ security requirements.

Cost-Effective Deployment

Symantec provides customers with a more affordable option to protect online assets. While some vendors take advantage of customers’ needs, Symantec’s concerns is to give you value for your money. By offering these certificates off a package that allows unlimited domain licensing, Symantec allows you to maximize your dollars. You can secure as many domains as needed without the costly deployment of having individual certificates.

Ease to Management

Deploying multiple individual SSL certificates to servers and sub-domains can be a very tedious and daunting task. Such applies even with a Managed PKI interface in place. And mind you, it doesn’t happen only once since you have to renew and re-do the task all over again. With a Symantec (Verisign) Wildcard SSL Certificate, you get to save time on management and administration since you do everything using a single certificate.

Why Choose Symantec?

Symantec SSL certificates assure clients that every transaction they make on your site is secure and worry-free. From ‘Search’, to ‘Browse’, to ‘Buy’, you can rest assured that customers’ data are protected and safe from phishing, identity theft and other fraudulent activities. Symantec seals are used by more than 90,000 web sites to protect more than 250 million transactions a day. When visitors navigate your site and see the Symantec seal, they are less likely to abandon current transactions and proceed with doing business with you online. The trusted seal recognized and used in more than 160 countries worldwide, Symantec (Verisign) Wildcard SSL certificates boast of high security standards.

Customers Worldwide Know and Trust the Norton Secured Seal

The Norton Secured Seal, the most trusted mark on the Internet, is viewed over half a billion times per day on websites in 170 countries. Symantec Seal-in-Search displays the Norton Secured Seal next to your link on browsers enabled with a free plug-in as well as on partner shopping sites and product review pages.

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