2017-08-10, We are now accepting Bitcoins!

We always strive to do everything possible to make our customer service truly comfortable and competitive. Customers are telling us that payment options convenience is really important to them therefore we are excited to announce that we are now accepting payment in Bitcoins!

Beginning from now you can choose to pay for your purchase at LeaderSSL store with Bitcoins, if this digital currency is suitable for you! We hope that this innovative payment option will provide you maximum flexibility in terms of payment convenience.

Bitcoin transactions are highly secure and provide high privacy protection level! All transactions should be verified by the Bitcoin network within 4 hours.

Pay for your LeaderSSL services with Bitcoins! 

WoSign and StartCom certifying authorities have been repeatedly violating SSL certificates issuing process in the past and now will be completely distrusted in the Chrome browser. This process is currently being implemented, and will be accomplished by the time of Chrome 61 release.
LeaderTelecom B.V. has registered a trademark to protect its brand – LeaderSSL. From now on, all SSL certificates from various certification authorities will be sold under newly established LeaderSSL trademark.
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