«Managed PKI LeaderTelecom» - Multibrand Solution

Do you have a need for SSL certificates? Do you have so many certificates, that you could not remember all of them? Then «Managed PKI LeaderTelecom» Solution is specifically for you! We will help you to save up to 30% of certificates cost and to keep them under your control! 

LeaderTelecom — is the first company in the world that introduced such Multibrand Solution for enterprises.

Managed Public Key Infrastructure (MPKI) – it is modern solution for trust and security ensuring of your resources with the help of SSL and Code Signing products. This solution is remarkable for its simplified system of administration and requires less time and money costs. 

Multibrand Solution means that you can buy the certificates from different Certification Authorities in one place: 
- Symantec; 
- Comodo; 
- Thawte; 
- Geotrust; 
- RapidSSL. 

What is MPKI for?

The MPKI Solution allows a company to centrally manage the structure of its certificates, including ordering of new products as well as making reissuing, renewal and cancelling of existing certificates. This greatly simplifies the certificate administration process and reduces the waiting time in comparison with retail orders. 

For whom is MPKI needed?

  • If you are a large company and have a lot of SSL-secured domains or sub-domains;
  • If you often release your own software and sign it by the Code Signing certificates;
  • If you often need to order, reissue, cancel certificates and to monitor their life cycle;
  • If your organization has a lot of employees in certificates management ensuring area,

then MPKI is the unique and convenient solution for you. 

Advantages of «Managed PKI LeaderTelecom» Multibrand Solution

In contrast to MPKI solutions which are being offered, for example, by Comodo and Symantec - in LeaderTelecom you can issue the certificates from different Certification Authorities in one place and receive the discount as well. In addition to it you are not tied to the constraints of a particular certification authority and you can always choose the most suitable product for you.

For example, if you need an Wildcard SSL certificate then you will need to choose between the Thawte Wildcard which secures only sub-domains and Comodo Wildcard which secures both sub-domains and main domain.

Or another example: Comodo Code Signing is not suitable for signing of device drivers, but Symantec Code Signing gives you such possibility. 

MPKI - this is a complete solution which we offer to our customers. Unlike the retail products, MPKI enables you to monitor the current balance whereby you carry out the ordering of certificates according to the selected category. 

What determines the price of the certificates in MPKI? 

Prices and tariffs for certificates in MPKI will depend on your MPKI category. The MPKI Category can be determined in one of two ways:

  1. By deposit size.
  2. By the volume of purchase.

Transferring of your existing certificates

LeaderTelecom also provides the possibility to take into account your current certificates which have been purchased in another place. Such certificates could be reckoned into your annual amount of purchases. MPKI will be able to renew them more cost-effectively. 

Answers to your questions and order processing

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